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Shomari Akil

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 The Tenacious TAA

Year: Fall 84

Name: Shomari Akil

Fun Fact: #2 of the funniest, sexiest line at the TAA.

Occupation: Education Administrator for NYCDOE

2021 election committee.png

Council of Elders (Baraza) since 2019. Our Ras asked me to take the seat once held by the Late Great David Nelson and I was honored to do so.

As a current member of the Baraza I have worked with a dedicated team to revise our fraternal constitution, by-laws and standard operating procedures. If provided with an opportunity to continue to serve I have two specific goals:

1.Develop an annual fund raiser for the fraternity.

2.Develop an annual brotherhood retreat.

I believe in transformational Restorative leadership. This is leadership that seeks to bring out the best qualities in others through a collaborative approach. I pledge to hold myself and others accountable by setting the example, providing clear expectations and working through inevitable conflict with brotherly love.


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