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 Professional Interested Men

Graduate & professional (community based) chapters are referred to as Shabazz Kingdoms. MALIKs are advocates for the science of success. And through cultural awareness, MALIK Fraternity, Inc. seeks to empower its members to be agents of change for a better society. How is this statement manifested via Shabazz Kingdoms?

The idea of a community based chapter is not necessarily a new one for organized fraternities. However, given the organization's history of bold change, MALIK has taken the fraternal construct and changed it into something more digestible and accessible to those we seek to reach.

The first realization is that MALIK does not see itself as being separate from the fabric of the communities in which we serve.  We do this work out of recognition of ourselves in those we serve. As Nelson Mandela has said, “your freedom and mine cannot be separated.”  Again, we do not view ourselves as an entity that is above or removed, and therefore we are “giving back...” more so, we are “giving out” to those around us in a way that improves conditions for others and ourselves.

Shabazz Kingdoms are important in this work since the undergraduate Kingdoms and members are focused on school, as well as their respective campus communities. 

  • The Shabazz Kingdom provides

    • a way for undergraduate members to remain actively engaged in society and community beyond their undergraduate years.

    • continued leadership and training opportunities, and overall mentorship of younger members.

    • a network of talent and community connections for professional members.

In addition, Shabazz Kingdoms are methods of entry into the organization for individuals who attended college and obtained a degree and those that did not have the opportunity or desire to attend college. This is a distinct difference of our community based chapters as compared to those of other fraternal organizations. Our primary focus is to provide membership opportunities for grassroots individuals that share the passion of doing the work of MALIK, of which a college degree is not a requirement.

Some Shabazz Kingdom membership requirements are as follows:

  • Must hold either an undergraduate degree from a 4-year institution, an associates degree from a 2-year institution, or have professional experience to substitute a degree requirement. 

  • Must be active in one’s community in a way that benefits the community.

  • Must have outstanding moral character.

  • Must submit a written letter of recommendation.

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