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Honorary Members

The Honorary Members of MALIK Fraternity were chosen for (1) their African Diasporic centered consciousness; (2) their success in their fields of endeavor; and (3) their commitment and track record to serving the Black and Latino Communities through a social justice agenda. There are some who want to question the integrity of the Founders of MALIK with respect to their ideological commitment to African Fraternalism, especially in the Founders' choice to make a political decision to embrace two Greek letters in the original name with "MALIK" preceding.

From the outset, the Founders identified Malcolm X a.k.a MALIK Shabazz as their first iconic representative. Yet, the greatest retort to the charge questioning the Founders' integrity is the First Seven Honorary members who were installed as iconic members from 1977-1988, most of them made so at the Genesis Chapter at C.W. Post College/Long Island University. In aggregate, more than 200 people witnessed the lectures of these men, saw them conferred membership certificates and saw them accept honorary membership. No other action speaks more volumes about the mentality and philosophy of the Founders then, who they chose to honor as examples of men who also reflected their own way of thinking and looking at the world.


1. James Boatwright
2. Dr. Yosef Ben Jochannan
3. Gil Noble
4. Pablo Guzman
5. Reverend Herbert Daughtry
6. Charles Barron
7. Richie Perez

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