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The strength of MALIK Fraternity, Inc. lies with its dedicated members. It is these members who sacrifice out of love and belief in the movement of MALIK to guide the fraternity towards the future. In the spirit and keeping with the practice of African Fraternalism, these are the members of the National Board, comprised of the Machifu Kamati (National Executive Council), which in Swahili means “Chief’s Committee," the Baraza (Council Of Elders), which in Swahili means “The Council,”and the National Board At-Large members, and separately, the Regional Leadership.

Council Of Elders

Shomari Akil


Johan Powell, Esq.

Tabari Bomani

Norman Londono

Severin Cornelius


National Board At-Large

National Advocate

Christopher Dowdy

National Alumni Liaisons  

Jacquiel Bullock

Abel Peralta

National Undergraduate Liaison 

Omar Mahflali

Regional Leadership

Northeast Regional Director

Nnamdi Ude

South Regional Director

Dr. Ady Piña

Central Regional Director

Edem Nyarko

West Regional Director

Michael Ferron

National Executive Council


National President

Ras Ryan Simmons 

National Vice President

Shawuki G. Hilton, Esq.

National Treasurer  

Conrad Bennett 

National Supreme Captain

Oliver Marte


National Secretary 

Jonathan Baldera


National Executive Director

Christopher Moxley

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