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The MALIK Fraternity, Inc. subscribes to a set of beliefs and principles that have been codified and defined as "African Fraternalism." The title MALIK, being a Swahili word meaning “King or Ruler,” embodies this spirit. African Fraternalism includes such beliefs as the African origin of civilization, reclaiming the stolen legacy of African knowledge, the oneness of all African peoples, the importance of ritual and initiation, the value of a male ritual kinship system, respect for and seeking equal partnership with women, the reception and cultivation of the Spirit of Learning, the necessity of serving the community, the calling to work on one's personal and spiritual development, the study and promotion of "MALIKology" and African symbology, and the usage of African symbolism. 


MALIKology is the Fraternity’s interpretation of the "science of manhood." The acronym MALIK is represented as Manhood, Achievement, Leadership, Integrity, and Knowledge. It is a synthesis of science, history, philosophy, and cultural values and practices from the African Diaspora about the nature, purpose, direction, function, and responsibility of manhood.

Furthermore, MALIK Fraternity, Inc. implements and uses African symbolism in the development of its rituals, protocols, procedures, governance structure, and fraternal/corporate culture. The organization draws from the languages and cultural symbols of all historically recognized peoples of the African Diaspora, which includes that of the Afro-Latino. A primary example of this is the presenting of new members with African (Swahili), Taíno, or Aztec names, which befitted their characteristics during their Rites of Passage (intake) process.

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