The Founders of MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated are collectively known as Crowns. 


Those Men we call Crowns are:

James Banks

Joseph Diaz, Jr.

Edward Harris

Roland K. Hawkins

Ernest Heyward

Lethorne Johnson

George J. Lambrecht

Kyle H. Little

Larry B. Martin

Darryl L. Mitchell

Anthony Pitts

Edward Rivers

Kevin Simon

Bryant Stafford

Albert Dehart Washington

There is a distinction to be made as all 15 Founders are Crowns however 3 of the 15 are also called Khalifahs.  The 3 Khalifahs are:

Roland K. Hawkins

Larry B. Martin

Darryl L. Mitchell

It was the 3 Khalifahs that originated the concept of the fraternity and in turn recruited the other 12 men; this is why the Khalifahs have a special distinction.  The Crowns are called so as a symbol, every King tends to have a Crown and one may have noticed that nothing quite makes a King complete until you see that Crown on top.  Although a fraternity the Founders set the precedence of being very open with information, symbols and knowledge as our perspective is that our communities have had an absence of awareness for so long we cannot afford to withhold valuable information from the masses.  This represents a major departure from the very secretive nature of fraternalism another such departure is the heritage of some of the Crowns.  One of the Crowns, Joseph Diaz, Jr., is Puerto Rican and thus brings to our organization the incorporation of more than Black folks but truly an organization that is about the entire African diaspora.  As Khalifah Larry B. Martin has said (being both Black and Latino), “the fraternity is an organizational representation of my racial background.”