Collegiate Interested Men

To be a member of MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated requires a commitment that requires a lifestyle change.  We seek individuals that will make the attributes of the fraternity a part of their lives and becomes advocates and stewards of the science of success.  In short we are looking for more than simply members we are looking for MALIKs.  We are not simply looking for individuals that seek to join but those that seek to build as well.  In order to fulfill this, one must incorporate our beliefs in your lives like any other important aspect of your life.  If married you don’t simply become married and then go home, this is a lifestyle change.  If you have a challenging career you don’t simply go to work and go home but you are, staying abreast of updates, going to conferences, networking, etc., this is a lifestyle change.  If you claim a particular religion you don’t simply go to church, mosque or a temple and go home but you live the tenets throughout the week, this is a lifestyle change.  If MALIK is important to you why seek to join if you do not seek to get the most from the experience and give as much as you can to an organization this essentially is about ensuring our communities are viewed properly, treated properly and receive the equity that is our due.


Will you answer THE CALL?



Some of the requirements for undergraduate membership are as follows:

  • Currently in good standing with the university of your enrollment and eligible for membership within the university’s fraternity system.

  • Have completed at least one full time semester.

  • Have a minimum of a 2.5 Cumulative Grade Point average on a 4.0 scale.

  • Have outstanding moral character.

  • Receive a written recommendation from at least one member in good standing of the fraternity.

For further details if you are at a school that we have a Kingdom (chapter) engage in dialogue with one of our members there.  If you are interested in starting a Kingdom reach out to The Supreme Captain. If you feel as though you do not meet the requirements fear not. One of our members can discuss alternative options by which you may be able to fulfill the requirements either now or in the future.