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1.) Is the Fraternity a Muslim or religious fraternity?

No. MALIK has no religious affiliation. We have members that are Christian, Muslim, Buddhist and even Jewish.


2.) MALIK used to have Greek letters in your name (MALIK Sigma Psi). Is MALIK Fraternity a traditional Greek Fraternity?

No we are not. We are “African Fraternalists” who believe that the African/Latino diaspora’s contribution to the world has been historically and categorically minimalized. While in fact it his historically proven that many of the great contributions to science, mathematics, centers of higher learning, religion and architecture began in Africa. Hence to highlight, illustrate pride in these facts and show that these contributions pre date that of Greek civilization we call ourselves “African Fraternalists”. That is the same reason our Crowns (Founders) chose to place the African title MALIK meaning King or Ruler before the Sigma and Psi.


3.) Are you categorically an anti “Greek “ organization?

Absolutely not! We respect and honor the contributions of the founding traditional black greek fraternities and sororities. They have been pillars in the struggles for people of color for over 100 years. Their accomplishments with respect to the time when and where they were founded is nothing short of inspiring.


4.) Do you engage in pledging? What is your stance on paddling and hazing?

No. Our process is termed “Rite Of Passage” which identifies with an educational and spiritual journey where a young man progress and matures into manhood.  We absolutely do not engage in any paddling or hazing of any sort. We abide by the anti-hazing laws of every state and institution.


5.) Do you have a sister organization?

Yes. They are called The MALIK Melodies. They are an independent sisterhood (not sorority) with their own leadership. They were instrumental in assisting our Founders with the shaping of the fraternity and these bonds still carry to this day. Anyone seeking information can go to


6.) What are your official colors? Do you step and stroll like other fraternities?

Our official fraternity colors are orange and black.  Yes our members do engage in stepping and strolling like other fraternities. Our members compete in competitions as well.


7.) What do I do if I am interested in becoming a member or starting a Kingdom?

The first step would be to do your research and be sure this movement called MALIK is for you. It is a life long commitment to brotherhood and growth. The next step would be to contact via email and you will be channeled to the proper officers to assist you.


8) If I am a member of another fraternity can I join MALIK?

No. If you are a member of another fraternity you cannot join MALIK Fraternity, Inc. However if you are a member of an academic society you can still join MALIK.

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