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MALIK Genesis: The fraternity was founded as MALIK Sigma Psi. In order to understand the roots of the organization, we must look at what was happening nationally and internationally that set the climate in which our Founders came into adulthood.  Our Founders, the men that we refer to as Crowns, grew up during the 1960s and 1970s, a time in which people of color in the United States and abroad began to overtly express the pride they had in their race and culture, as well as an understanding of their history and contributions to humanity.  Although there were several influences, none seemed to embody this “new” type of individual than the one known as Malcolm X.  El Hajj MALIK EL Shabazz talked about community organizing, cultural pride, self-determination, self-definition, and the history of human rights, to name a few.  It was within the womb of this climate that the first chapter (Genesis Kingdom) was born on the C.W. Post campus of Long Island University (now also referred to as LIU Post).  One will notice that several of the aforementioned issues are embodied within MALIK: overt cultural pride, understanding of the history of people of color and their subsequent societal contributions and self-definition, again, to name a few.  Our Crowns living alongside and some having Latino blood saw that there was no collegiate fraternal organization that spoke to this. 
Once again looking at the influences of the times, our Founders noticed that groups like the Black Panther Party for Self Defense had an influence on the Young Lords Party and collaborated with The Brown Berets.  With historical knowledge, our Founders began to see the commonality of our communities and how this should be incorporated within the new organization.  This of course meant that the Latino that is attracted to MALIK has to recognize the African within his heritage, which was a bold step as overt recognition and celebration of Africaness by anyone was frowned upon on a global scale at the time. On May 18th, 2002, the fraternity made a significant move in the conscious spirit of progression to adopt the name MALIK Fraternity, Inc.  The rest is as they say…history.

Important Dates in MALIK History:


1977 – MALIK Sigma Psi Fraternity is founded on May 13, 1977 at CW Post Campus of Long Island University. The Genesis Kingdom.

1979 – MALIK Sigma Psi Fraternity is incorporated in the State of New  York.

1984 – The first Kingdom is established at a State University of NY (Stony Brook University, The Jeem Kingdom).

1991  The first Kingdom is established at an historically black college / university (HBCU) (Norfolk State University, The Ha Kingdom).

2002 – On May 18, 2002 MALIK Sigma Psi progresses and transitions its name to a complete African name (MALIK Fraternity, Inc.).

2017 – On April 12, 2017 the first Graduate & Professional Kingdom (referred to as a Shabazz Kingdom) in the South is chartered (Shabazz Ha Kingdom in Charlotte, NC, also referred to as the Charlotte MALIKs).

2017 – On April 25, 2017 the first undergraduate members are inducted from an Ivy League university (Cornell University). 

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