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Jonathan Baldera

Jonathan Baldera pic.jpg

Kingdom Year: SUNY New Paltz (RA Kingdom) - Spring 2015

MALIK Name: Shujaa Obaseki

Fun Fact: Twin Brother (Joshua Baldera)

Store Director - Target

2021 election committee.png

Prior leadership experience within MALIK

●Undergraduate President (RA Kingdom), SPR ‘15 - SPR ‘17

●Successfully achieved recognition status for MALIK at SUNY New Paltz in - Spr ‘17.

●Awarded Fraternity President of the Year - Spr ‘17.

●HALO Step & Stroll Member

●Undergraduate Liaison

I seek the National Secretary position. During my tenure with MALIK and my professional career, I’ve come to understand the importance of efficient communication and documentation. During my tenure under the National Secretary role, I expect to introduce solid communication channels, creation/documentation of SOP’s, and facilitate the enhancement of the MALIK Fraternity.

I’ve grown from the leadership style of my supervisor within my professional career. Unwavering standards, meticulous accountability, foresight, connection, and structure are the pillars of my leadership style.

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