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Jaquiel Bullock

Jaq Bullock pic.jpg

Name: Jaquiel Bullock

Year Crossed: Spring 2016

Kingdom: KHA Kingdom (SUNY Old Westbury

Fun Fact: Rock of the resurrecting Chapter of SUNY Old Westbury, Kha Kingdom

2021 election committee.png

Founding member of the KHA Graduate Shabaaz Chapter in Orlando. Served as president at SUNY Old Westbury Organizing events with Bobby Seale of the black panther party, Illyasah Shabaaz Daughter of Malcolm X and Sponsored Bus trips to the National African American Museum in washington DC, amongst many organized marches and Charities. Immediately after arriving in Orlando Began organizing programs like having Fraternity Ideology centered films such as Hidden Colors shown for free inside of the Orlando Downtown Library. Donated and participated in Marches during the recent George Floyd incident in both New York and Orlando. Aided in the organization of  the fraternities first virtual programs during the pandemic on health and finance with the Orlando Chapter. 

Running for graduate Liaison, 1.) My goal is to establish and enhance a better transition for brothers coming out of college. We have a plethora of resources available to brothers and most are unaware.2.) I also want to work with the administration on a deferred dues year for graduate brothers within the first 3 or 5 years of graduating. We all have witnessed many people fall into financial distress and companies and loans offer a deferment. Many brothers graduate and cannot pay dues as they have not established a source of income, they should not be alienated for that. They should be embraced and aided. 3.) Finally I would like to create a more active network of updates on the lives of our graduate brothers. Engagement alert, new child alert, or even a brother who's in the hospital or undergoing surgery for simple prayer and support. 

It's hard for me to just name one leader. Like the MALIK saying goes “Always a TALIB” everyone who's ever faced adversity and stayed true, Anyone who's ever contributed to any field of human endeavor is my inspiration. 

From me you can expect me to do what I came into this fraternity doing, being innovative, having initiative, Leading with my mind and my heart. 


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