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Oliver Marte

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RA Kingdom; Spring 2008

Manicato Ajamu

Serious when it comes to business, but fun when it comes to having fun.

Assistant Head Coach (Operations Manager) Nike Inc.

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Prior leadership experience within MALIK

• Haruni Fall 2008 Line and only MALIK Line nation wide.

• Jafaru Spring 2010 Line.

Position you seek, your relevant for the role, and one or two things you hope to accomplish in the position

• National Supreme Captain. experience

• I have held numerous leadership roles in MALIK’s Rites of Passage.

• Coach and develop Brother’s who are Leading a MALIK Rite’s of Passage, by holding weekly calls to go over some of the wins and opportunities with their current line.

• In my role with Nike Inc, I have opened Nike’s Flagship store in 5th avenue (2019-2020) where I created from scratch their overnight process and coached and developed the Leaders and associates to run a smooth and successful operations.

• Developed 8 Leaders at Nike to their next leadership roles.

• Was asked to  come back to Nike at Woodbury the number 3 biggest volume store in Nike to start up their Back of House (inventory department/stockroom department)  as they were remodeling for a bigger stockroom first time ever in Nike history. I Coached and developed the team to become the bet team to achieve 100% bin accuracies, highest team in productivity, and instill a sense of pride.

• Recruited, held interviews, and led hiring events to make sure we have the correct head count when needed at Nike Inc.

•Two Things I am looking I hope to accomplish in this position are the following.
- Train and develop to empower brothers who are embarking on to the leadership roles of the MALIK Rites’ of Passage to fill confident and supporter during this journey, as I am a strong believer that everything starts from the way we induct the initiates into the Kingdom of MALIK.

• Partner with undergraduate and graduate brothers to create different tactics to recruit and resurrect some of our steppingstone kingdoms as well as look to expand on newly awaiting kingdoms in the horizon.

Name a leader you admire and describe the type of leadership Brothers can expect from you if they vote for you

•Olga Salcedo (My mother)

•She made the conscious decision to pack her things and move herself and her family from the Dominican Republic to an unknown world by her in the United States (NY) because she saw that the opportunities in the Dominican Republic were very limited and she wanted us to have a fighting chance to have a better life.

•Something Brothers can expect from me is my dependability. Once I put my mind to something I go all out.

•Many people say that I am tough and direct and I will bring my toughness to drive the results.

•Brothers can also expect that I will work with a sense of urgency and find time to develop our brothers into the Rites of Passage, Through the Rites of Passage and after the Rites of Passage. I will also support with directing Men Interested in MALIK to find their ways into our Rites of Passage.


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