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I am glad that you have taken this opportunity to further your discovery of The MALIK Fraternity, Incorporated. In this brief letter I hope to be able to answer the overarching question of, “what can my child expect if he decides to become a member of the fraternity as an undergraduate?” To address this question properly we must outline a few items. Firstly, what is to be expected while becoming a member? Secondly, life as an undergraduate member. The reasons we felt it necessary to have this dialogue with parents are as follows: 

• This is a lifelong decision 

• No decision should be made in a vacuum 

• We want you to know just as much about us as your son. 

Why is this? College, the career your son expects to be in which brought him to college, where he lives and many other aspects of his life are temporary. Some may last longer than others however the decision to join an organization of our type is a lifelong commitment and should be approached with the seriousness as such. 

This decision, since it is for life should incorporate the thoughts of others that are already close to the aspirant. We want all to be comfortable with MALIK and therefore better able to support the aspirant’s life within the fraternity. One way to bring about this comfort is for parents to be a part of the process. 

Let us look at the first expectation, joining MALIK. This inquiry is in the mind of every aspirant of every organization, what will happen to me? Let us be clear, one of the biggest things you can expect for your child as an undergraduate member is to NOT LOSE HIS LIFE. We not only have an anti-hazing stance, we actually do not haze. The following are the amount of lawsuits brought against the organization for hazing…ZERO. The following are the amount of lawsuits brought against the organization for anything…ZERO. This is downright amazing, since our birth we have had no legal trouble in an ever increasing litigious society. No organization could hide hazing that well unless it truly doesn’t haze. In addition we simply do not have an organizational culture that supports such behavior. The notion of hazing is against our philosophy. 

The second expectation, the life of an undergraduate, is threefold. Your son can expect to develop himself. College, in theory, is supposed to refine an individual. Much of this development nowadays comes in the form of the experiences one has in between classes. An undergraduate fraternity by nature is there to act as a supplement to the college experience. Everything a college gives a person, a fraternity supplements that. MALIK however fills some unique gaps that are not readily addressed in a comprehensive manner by many educational institution. By engaging men of high character, participating in leadership building activities, being exposed to his true rich history all of which in a positive manner and much more will help to create a literal masterpiece of creation, yes that guy that used to have the leaky diapers. 

Your son will be required to service his community. As someone that is more fortunate, this is his responsibility (and helps with self-development). Let us be clear, if one is in college and considering joining a fraternity one may not think of himself as being well off however these are luxuries not afforded to everyone. This service will take various forms depending on his respective campus. This may be some local projects or he may be involved with one of our national philanthropic endeavors supported under the umbrella of The MALIK Fraternity Foundation. 

Finally your son can expect to have fun. We believe that one can be responsible, upright and a change agent and still have a good time. Many may think you have to decide between the two. Being a member of this organization gives you a sense of pride from the beginning. Your son will not have to degrade himself to join, once a member he will engage his community for its betterment and he will develop himself to be one of the greatest contributions to the well-being of society all while having fun. 

Thank you so much for you time 

National VP L. Malik Bilal Best

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