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Omar Malfahi

Omar Maflahi pic.jpg

Kingdom: Zuluز Zay Kingdom

Year: Spring 2020

Afrikan Name: Azmi Kamau Fudail

Fun Fact:
I have a twin sister

Occupation: School Bus Driver

2021 election committee.png

•Treasurer of the Zuluز Zay Kingdom. Fall 2020 - Fall 2021

•Future President, Treasurer, Social Chair, and MIM Coordinator of the Zuluز Zay Kingdom for Fall 2021

•Undergraduate Liaison, Head lead of the MALIK Undergraduate Council established March 2021.

• I am to connect nationals and alumni from different kingdoms to the undergraduates, and to create undergraduate/national events for bros

•As I grew older, I looked up to many different people. However, there is no single person that stands out. I tend to learn certain qualities from certain people as time passes by to build my own leadership skills.

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