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Jean Price Mars

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Stony Brook University -  JEEM Kingdom.

Year crossed: FALL 1990

African Name: Mfalme Ujuzi

Fun fact Bros would say about you: M.A.L.I.K

Occupation: Entrepreneur

2021 election committee.png

Prior leadership experience within M.A.L.I.K

USB - Jeem President, Graduate Shabazz Founder, NYC Shabazz President, Orlando Shabazz Founder.

Jeem Kingdom Jafaru & Haruni.

Applicant for: Council of Elders position.

Relevant 31 consistent active years of experience for the role. Executive level career professional management experience.

 One or two things you hope to accomplish in the position:

To Serve & Protect our MALIK Fraternity Brotherhood from ALL.

Leaders I admire: Dad/Joseph F Mars, Bro/Brierre Mars. Dessalines, Malcolm X.,Fidel Castro, Dave Nelson, Hugh Lawrence, Erskine Isaac, Larry B Martin.

Type of leadership brothers can expect if they vote for me:

One that uses both M.A.L.I.K and professional career experiences.  A catalyst for change.

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